You boys see me as strong and fierce and wise and happy.

I am leader of the Dora Milaje, Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Wonder Woman.

I have the right words, give the best hugs, make the most bomb PB&J and I have a song for every situation.


My yeast rolls (from the store) are better than anyone else’s and my Pinterest recipes keep you tasting new foods and expanding your taste buds. I’m serious and silly and my silliness is what makes me authentic.

My prayers are the most powerful and perhaps the longest but you see God through my affirmation of His goodness. I never shed a tear, never get afraid, I’m always prepared and my knowledge spans the earth.  

If you ever take a moment to listen to how your kids perceive you it will make you shift the way you perceive yourself. I wish I could say that motherhood has turned me into such a fierce, no crying, warrior but I wouldn’t be telling the truth. I am fierce. I am a warrior but I cry all the time.

My heart expands with each last I celebrate and mourn. I could not imagine resisting the call of motherhood on my life just because I was afraid of the responsibility and sacrifice. It has literally changed my life.


Being called mommy and God-mommy are the greatest titles I could ever wear and I wear them with pride and I take the roles seriously. I love you Miller Boys and Taty!

I pray you always feel my love deep.

To my fellow women who have walked through miscarriage or child loss I send love and light to you on this day. May you feel the spirit of your child in such a profound way today and everyday. I pray they keep your heart open — full of love and peace.  💕✨


To the women in my life who encourage me as a mother: thank you. For your wisdom, love, shared stories, speaking life into mine. May God bless you today and every day that follows as you guide your children and walk with grace.

Happy Mother’s Day!