As a young child I was a witness to Domestic Violence in the home and those are images that stuck with me well into college. I was silent in my confusion and often times felt alone in my experience.

It took me many years to discover the beauty of my voice and the strength of my story. I believe that every woman has a story that needs to be shared to help another woman break free from the guilt and shame or confusion of what she's walked through. We forget that we aren't alone on this journey and no longer should we suffer in silence or let those around us do the same.

This is a place for our stories.
This is our community to be heard. 

A big part of my story is that I never imagined I would be married. There were more unhealthy relationships around me than there were healthy and I believed there wasn't any hope for the union I desired in my heart. What I've learned along the way is that sometimes in marriage our ability to do it on our own FAILS. We can't figure it ALL out. We can't answer all of the questions. We can't address ALL of the issues. We can't die to ourselves in the manner we need to because we lack the wisdom and revelation that comes from knowing Him. 

I didn't know Him the way I needed to know Him for many years in my marriage and it created some HORRIBLE moments for us. But the moment I picked up my flesh off the table and brought it to Him, He began to show me how to die to those thoughts, feelings, emotions daily and to stand firmly on the covenant He has given me.

Marriage is about doing YOUR PART so that God can IMPART His grace through your covenant. 
Each of you have a responsibility: Heaven is not a 2 for 1 deal. 



I was terrified to become a mother. I felt too imperfect, too selfish, too weak, too damaged. God continues to grace me as I face my motherhood fears and cancel those lies. In addition, He reminds me that who we are as women is just as important as how we lead our children and uplift our husbands: 

We are beings wearing many hats that matter deeply to us and our purpose. 
We have visions that keep us awake at night (when we aren't taking care of little ones who snuck into our bed, soothing teethers, or nursing newborns) that we want to see fulfilled in this lifetime. 
We want to be women after God's own heart, laughing at the days to come

[Prov. 31: 25-26]