Welcome! I'm Caneeka a 30 something woman who loves poetry, people and positivity. Scott Miller II made me his wife 11 years ago and for the last 7 years I have worn the amazing hat of mother to two busy boys.

I yell Roll Tide to say Hello, believe that there's a stage in heaven for people who think they can dance, I love technology and I may or may not be a walking iTunes. I love deeply, laugh loudly, have a heart for justice and all things purposeful.

That's my highlight reel you will see on my social media but in this space you will find stories about my journey (and those around me) as a woman, wife and mother. God gave me a specific vision about the importance of sharing my story, being transparent about my journey and the impact it would have on everyone who heard it. 

Over the years I’ve learned a range of lessons about the exchange that happens when I remove the metaphorical makeup that has the tendency to keep me bound in perfection but instead, leave those burdens at His feet. 

Those revelations are what I share here:

The beauty of my messy life for the encounter with a marvelous God.