I miscarried in 2013.

Quit my job at NASA in 2015 to stay at home with my youngest son because God told me to leap. There was no celebration, no fanfare — people thought I was being foolish.

He also told me to write a book about womanhood, marriage, motherhood and how our stories are connected. Those events were the foundational moments for writing this book. He said name it WOVEN. He showed me how WOVEN would be more than just another book I wrote but actual thread in the lives of women. I was reluctant but obedient…

I sat down with Madison Living to talk about the power in our stories as women and how we need to hear them, share them, break free from shame and embrace our journey — Discover God’s beauty in the midst. In my mind, It was JUST an article idea I pitched that got picked up. An article where I would say “check ya girl out on page 5” as my homegirl exclaimed. But I did not imagine my entire face on the cover. God knew and that is what makes me celebrate the threading, weaving and flow of what WOVEN represents.


So many of you know my story, you’ve heard me speak or you’ve read my books. Just when I think He has gone above, He does more — exceedingly. I’m thankful, overflowing, giving honor, pouring love, beaming light and reminding myself that every part of the story matters.

The parts where you leap in obedience.

The parts where you sit in silence, sadness and uncertainty.

The parts where you do the last thing God told you to do until He tells you the next thing.

The parts where you have a little.

The parts where you have a lot.

The parts where you fail.

The parts where you drop your jaw open and scream at seeing your face on the cover of a magazine.

Hair: ULTA    Makeup: Me    Blouse and skirt: Eva Mendes NY&Co    Photography: Joshua Berry @Everlongpix

Hair: ULTA

Makeup: Me

Blouse and skirt: Eva Mendes NY&Co

Photography: Joshua Berry @Everlongpix

This is a shimmy for every woman choosing to embrace her journey. I pray chains of shame break and fall as this magazine is picked up, read, shared in this area and beyond!

These are the moments I dreamed about.

Tell everyone that God did it!