WOMANHOOD is more complex than that...

"Even the proudest woman, whose strength shows up in the room before she does, cries when life deals her a hand of cards she never thought she'd hold. Yet, we find ourselves surprised when we discover that a woman we admire is battling depression or that she's suffering from insecurities because there is "no way" she can be insecure when she has everything YOU desire to have. Just like the earth revolving on an axis women are ever evolving beings but we are rarely viewed as such. Often categorized by our circles, our stuff, our highlight reel, our failures, we become trapped by boxes that, when we try to climb out of them, we're immediately pushed back in by the words of family, friends or associates. Words meant to shame, embarrass, guilt or demean leaving women in a state of loneliness trying to shed the layers of weight meant to break their spirit and disrupt their identity." 

I am a woman with a story that I often felt ashamed to share. I'm not the only woman who feels this way and I wrote this reflection one day when a woman I thought "had it all together" found herself in the pit of life's disappointments and uncertainty. I realized how much I related to her journey and where she was on it, despite my life not being an exact replica of her experiences. Our stories overlapped and I felt more connected to her in those moments of revelation than I did in our entire friendship.

Whether you are a woman with a story you feel is impactful or not, it matters greatly to another woman who needs to know she can keep pressing through her experiences. She needs to know that beauty and light exist on the other side of the messy moments she's up against.

WOVEN is a book that ignites a connectedness among women and a charge for each of us to share our stories because we never know who needs to know they aren't alone. 

That's the vision for WOVEN -- That women will meet in book clubs and pay it forward by sharing their story while sharing the book. A reminder that even our differences can't separate the interconnectedness we share, not just as women, mothers and/or wives, but also as daughters of God. 

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